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Every month girls miss four to five days of school when they are on their menstrual period. 2 in 10 girls drops out of school all together due to the embarrassment of having menses and not having sanitary towels.
A girl absent from school for four days in 28 days (month) loses 13 learning days equivalent to two weeks of learning in every school term. In one academic year a girl loses 39 learning days which is six weeks of learning time.

60% of girls in Kenyan slums and rural areas engage in transactional sex or are sexually exploited to get money for sanitary towels and are at risk of getting STIs, HIV and unwanted pregnancies.

Menstruation is a taboo subject and girls have been taught since childhood they should not talk about it to others. Thus the girls know very little about menstruation and when it is broached in school they feel uncomfortable because the boys tease and laugh at the girls.

The Sanitary Bank Campaign is a campaign about keeping young girls in school. Giving the girls an opportunity to learn without having to miss school due to menstruation. When that time of the month comes around most girls in primary and high school cannot afford to buy sanitary towels so they resort to using old clothes, blankets, multiple underwear, tissue or old pieces of mattress. Making the girls be at risk of contracting various vaginal infections which go untreated because they cannot afford the hospital bill and talking about vaginal related issues is considered a taboo.
This year, in its inaugural event, King Kaka through his Sanitary Bank Campaign will embark on a 154 kilometer walk from Nairobi to Nakuru raising awareness on the various menstruation issues our girls are going through,


Through the efforts of King Kaka, Kaka Empire foundation and various stakeholders, The Bank On Me walk will provide an opportunity to connect well-wishers with the girls who need sanitary towels, mensuration hygiene education and other needs. This community event will raise critical funds to support Bank On Me.